Thank you

The one thing nobody tells you about studying abroad is how lonely it is. Sure, there’s the excitement of having nothing to hold you down, and being in a completely different culture. But that can often be a hindrance. As human beings we need connections. Ones which stabilize us and make us feel loved. I … Continue reading Thank you


Spring Break

As soon as I found out that I’d be studying in the states for a year, there was one thing on my mind… Spring Break. As the blood of my father runs through my veins, there’s a party animal inside me that has felt stifled as of late and I was ready to let my … Continue reading Spring Break

American Boys are the real Fuck Boys – Part 1.

Fuck Boy A Fuck Boy is a specific type of male Millennial douchebag. There have been equivalents to the modern Fuck Boy, the annoyingly macho and bad mannered young man archetype, across each generation. Yet the current batch of them, thanks to smartphones and social media making the ability to lead an unproductive and narcissistic … Continue reading American Boys are the real Fuck Boys – Part 1.

New York 19/10/12

It’s been a couple of weeks since my trip to New York, but honestly, I’ve been waiting to find the right words to put how overwhelming it all was. Condensing everything into one small blog post isn’t going to be easy so let’s just call this an extended essay. New York isn’t London. In London,